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Types of memberships

Full membership: these are members who contribute to the day to day running of the club (attend meetings, ideas, etc.)
Associate membership: Associate membership is open to suppliers of goods and services, including professional consultancy, as well as to individuals, visitor attractions and organizations from outside France.
Corporate membership: Open to companies and Organizations, they could partner with us during events and other activities (sponsorships). We would benefit from their network and we in return should be in a position to respond to their requests when need be (e.g. linkage for partnerships, information on Kenya etc.)

Requirement for the new members:

  • Share our vision, committed, be in a position to contribute, through their experience/expertise, to the development of the club
  • Membership shall be open to persons who wish to further the interests of the Association.
  • Any person of legal majority, qualified scholastically, of good moral character, possessing leadership potential and having such other qualifications, has the willingness to participate in the club’s community projects and has a good reputation in his/her community, may be granted membership within the KENYA FRANCE BUSINESS CLUB Association.
  • The membership of individuals shall be selected without discrimination in accordance with the Association’s rules and regulations and applicable law.
  • All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and joining the club will be deemed as recognition and acceptance of the Association’s adopted regulations and code of conduct.
  • Each person admitted to membership shall be entitled to the advantages and privileges of membership in accordance with their level of participation (Founder, Active or Associate).

For further information on how you can become a member email us: