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Our Mission

Our Mission
• To contribute towards promoting economic and trade relations between France and Kenya
• Share knowledge and expertise on how to do business and relate with French business entities
• Identify suitable potential partners and investors in Kenya and in France
• Lobby and public relations through the organization of high level meetings (with industry players) & media
• Initiate humanitarian activities
• Unite Kenyans with an aim of encouraging patriotism and national pride
• Provide any other assistance required within our scope
• To connect companies between Kenya and France
• Facilitate and encourage companies and people to work together across the boundaries
• Improve lives of Kenyans in France by encouraging them to invest together and work towards a common goal.
• To enable economic growth in our country by encouraging foreign investment.
• Promote social and cultural activities by organizing regular events.

We continuously work towards achieving our mission through:
• Creating and participating in events,
• Building strong networks with relevant players.
• Match-making businesses
• Providing fresh perspectives to educate on Kenyan and East African local markets.
• Contacting diverse companies in France and Kenya and proposing our services.
• Doing research for upcoming events and taking
• Creating awareness of our services across the boundaries.
• Contacting Government institutions i.e the embassies and other government representatives.
• Doing research on what we can do better